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Ghostbusters rapidly improved a dedicated fan following that has continued to thrive atomic number 49 the old age since. Despite its mainstream success, information technology is considered an model of A cult blockbuster—a pop ps2 ps4 games shoot with a sacred fanbase. It is nonclassical globally, inspiring fan clubs, winnow -successful films, art, and conventions. Fans dressed as Ghostbusters occasionally burst into the briny reading board of the New York Public Library. The 2016 crowdfunded infotainment Ghostheads follows varied fans of the series and inside information the impact IT has had on their lives, interspersed with interviews from crew including Aykroyd, Reitman, and Weaver. Memorabilia from the shoot is pop, with a screen-used Proton Pack selling for $169,000 At a 2012 auction off. In 2017, A newly unconcealed ankylosaurus fogey was named Zuul crurivastator after Gozer's minion.

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